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WSL Approaches Customers by the 3S Principle

AIDA International’s products are omnipresent in department stores, outlets and home shopping,

but simultaneously nowhere to be found. 
Since our products are leather as raw material, they are perceived as parts of finished goods of famous fashion brand.


Now, we will introduce ourselves to customers by the 3S Principle. 
We will go one step closer to our customers by the brand WSL, a first leather brand, to help you found our hidden products. 




We only use high quality U.S. raw hide and globally acknowledged raw materials required for processing. Only raw materials passing our strict standards can be used in WSL leather production. 


Our leather is selected through rigid quality bases. Our professional technicians confirm quality skin by skin, and categorize them by product characteristics, so that the customers can easily find the displayed goods.


We always provide full explanation to customers in a kind manner. Just like a chef introduces his/her specialties in a prestigious restaurant, we benignly explain features, use etc. of leather in detail. 


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