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Use the Most Innovative Method on the Most Traditional Products


Pioneer and challenging AIDA International provides leather, R&D reagents and equipment vigorously in compliance with its slogan "Use the Most Innovative Method on the Most Traditional Products" 


AIDA International's leather has been highly acknowledged by various clients in international exhibitions held in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh on a yearly basis.
As a result, we have supplied leather for various brands, such as PRADA, COACH, TORY BURCH, MICHAEL KORS, FOSSIL etc., for years.
Data could be accumulated by mass production of various products and sample products for dozens of brands for seasonal promotions, which has now become our invaluable asset.

Stability never satisfies us, so we initiated two challenges leather branding and E-commerce.

By launching world's first leather brand "WSL", we provide services that go beyond simple supply of products.

Inconvenience of offline-focused transactions was inevitably faced by leather, experimental reagents and equipment consumers
So, AIDA International now takes a new challenge of establishing an online platform to improve inconvenience of consumers.


Sometimes, challenge brings failure and struggles, but it also brings growth and experience.
Therefore, we strive enthusiastically again today to bear fruit by this process.

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