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Asia’s No.1 Tannery to Global No.1 Tannery


For AIDA International, there may be declining industries but no declining companies. 
So, we make huge investments of production units and equipment every year.

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The leather industry, starting from the 1950s in Korea,

has faced a continuous pattern of development and regression during the history of the national manufacturing industry,

and is now a typical sunset industry, resulting in shut-downs and international transferring of many companies.

So, for us, declining competitors rather serves as a good opportunity to strengthen our status in the market. 
So, aggressive investments on production units/equipment are made on a yearly basis.
As a result, we created an environment of 4 factories producing goods in a space of 9 million square feet,

with over an 80% operation on average by attracting customers of global fashion brands.

So, we established infrastructure to create an environment to check and respond to all data generated in sites

to achieve our 2019 goal of “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION”, and by this, we’re reforming into a smart factory. 
By accumulating data generated in sites, measures have been arranged for proactive cognition and response to various operational problems, 
such as predicting equipment failure and quality degradation issues.

Leather is one of the traditional raw materials used since prehistoric times and a stable demand has always been maintained. 
We are clearly aware of this market environment and will invest anything possible in facilities and equipment for an

INDUSTRY 4.0-fit leather factory environment.
To attain over 90% of factory automation, we will always learn new technologies, attempt challenges and grow into a GLOBAL BEST TANNERY.

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