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We strive to provide products fit for purpose with descriptions suitable for each customer, by considering background knowledge, age, needs etc. Careful attempts at listening and comprehending customers’ requirements are made, rather than focus on product sales. By this process, we propose the most adequate product right for usage purposes based on customer needs. The product is then provided with a manual prepared in consideration of background knowledge of customers. We think of customers as our companions and therefore provide products and services with a sincere heart.



We put utmost effort into customer satisfaction by systematic services like meshing toothed wheels of a clock. If one tooth wheel of a clock has functional problems, the whole clock stops. AIDA International keeps this principle in mind when working as a group and realizes the value of its colleagues more than anyone. Even if it may only be one customer, we do our best to faithfully fulfill our task of customer satisfaction by close cooperation of all personnel. The assigned task of each member is precisely perceived and careful concern are made for smooth collaboration with members and customers. 



We are fashion-conscious and ready for new challenges. We are ultra-sensitive in responding to trends, since rapidly changing world trends is an essential factor to the survival of companies. Our methods of operation, sales and provision of services flexibly vary according to trends. Sometimes, sudden change may threaten our identity, but we always take quick measures to variations and get ready for new challenges. To achieve our first prioritized goal customer satisfaction we take on any situation wisely, no matter how tough it may be. 

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