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Innovation that Knows No limits


Challenge loving AIDA International established R&D Mate with the conviction of 
“Opening a new R&D market with innovation that knows no limits.”


The R&D industry faces continuous growth. 
Therefore, researchers are conducting much more study projects than before. 
Increasing projects, along with obtaining experimental reagent and equipment is one of the big challenges for researchers. 

Suppliers also face difficulties in providing services to more customers due to place and time barriers, 
limitations of offline sale.

And due to complicated purchasing procedures, both purchasers and suppliers experience inconvenience. 


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R&D MATE is a platform service that connects purchasers and suppliers of experimental reagent and equipment in one place. 
Amidst an offline transaction centered environment, convenient trades are enabled online. 
As a partner, we alleviate inconveniences in transaction processes to uplift concentration on customers’ main job.    
By improvement of payment methods, outstanding bills of suppliers are greatly reduced, 
and purchasers can easily and conveniently buy goods when and wherever they want.   
We do our best to provide the best services for strategic partnerships with various brand suppliers, 
and to touch the hearts of purchasers.

We will establish the best online platform in R&D industry with our customers also in the future.

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